Eidgenössische Ethikkommission für die Biotechnologie im Ausserhumanbereich EKAH

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Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol in Switzerland

According to Article 33 of the Cartagena Protocol each party shall monitor the implementation of its obligations under the Protocol, and shall report on measures that it has taken to implement the Protocol.

It was agreed that the Parties submit an interim report two years after the Protocol has come into force and report on a general frequency of every four years. Reports are written in a standardised form and shall be submitted twelve months prior to the meeting of the conference of the parties that will consider all national reports.


Status report on Biosafety

The environmental status reports provide an overview of the state of the environment in more than 20 thematic areas. They reveal the links between driving forces, pressures, environmental quality, impacts and responses. The status reports are published by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN and are updated regularly.

Last updated on: 30.11.2015

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