Eidgenössische Ethikkommission für die Biotechnologie im Ausserhumanbereich EKAH

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Convention on Biological Diversity CBD

Welcome to the Swiss information platform for biodiversity.

The Swiss Information System Biodiversity (SIB) is Switzerland's contribution to the global network of Clearing-House Mechanisms (CHM) under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

The Convention - Organization, Strategic Plan, Thematic Programmes, Protocols, Text of the Convention.

National implementation - National Strategies and Action Plans, National Focal Points.

Biodiversity: Data & State - Monitoring programmes, Data Centers, Indicators, Status reports.

Further relevant Conventions - Relevant Conventions for the conservation of biodiversity.

Publications - Publications by the federal administration addressing the theme biodiversity

Last updated on: 16.09.2014

Swiss InformationSystem Biodiversity (SIB)
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