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Implementation in Switzerland

Switzerland has ratified the Nagoya Protocol on 11 July 2014. The Nagoya Protocol and the amendments of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Protection Act (NCHA) came into force on 12 October 2014.

Section 3c of the Federal Act on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage (NCHA) addresses genetic resources specifically by:1

The due diligence and the notification requirements (Art. 23n, Art. 23o) apply to cases relating to access to genetic resources that occurs after the said provisions came into force (Art. 25d).

1 English is not an official language of the Swiss Confederation. This translation is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force.


The Nagoya Ordinance came into force on 1 February 2016. 

Together with the Nagoya Protocol and the provisions in the Federal Act on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage it forms the basis for the legal use of genetic resources from other countries. The ordinance also regulates the access to genetic resources in Switzerland. The Nagoya Ordinance substantiates the provisions in the Nature and Cultural Heritage Act  for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Switzerland and thus ensures greater legal certainty. 

Last updated on: 26.01.2018

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